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The world is increasingly growing together. Communication technologies play a key role in this process. They connect people and enable the connected world.

Alste is at home in this connected world. The demands in the field of communication technologies are constantly rising. Global data consumption is growing exponentially. We have decades of communication technology experience and can thus meet the most complex requirements and challenges.

It is our mission to actively shape the connected world, continue building it up, making it better and more powerful through innovation. This is our daily task, which we address with great commitment and passion.

When we look towards the future, we see that technologies converge and become even more complex. We will use our deeply rooted strengths to keep driving and shaping the smartly connected world of tomorrow.

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Flexibility in our services to match each business particular needs. Collaborative approach to working with companies.

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Our team of experienced specialists offer solutions for a wide variety of industries and IT needs.

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Looking for strategic advice? Need a partner to help you migrate your services to the cloud? You found the right website.


Years of experience.
Hundreds of finished projects.

Companies of every size seek innovation. We are constantly sharing and offering strategic advice and services by leveraging knowledge across our clients in many industry verticals. We can help ensure your company is utilizing current technologies and staying ahead of the curve.

We are focused on continuous improvement in everything that we do. Listening and learning from each other and from our clients is crucial to our success.